Youth and young adult, couples, family and crisis counselling.


I take my role in the community very seriously and I want to help people live their best lives by drawing from their inherent strengths. 

I believe you have a unique gift to offer the world. 

I want to understand your view of the world and if you need it, help you see your world in a different, more empowering and peaceful way.

It is my hope that by visiting this website you can find the resources you need to find support and begin to feel safe. 

Marc Keith-MA, RCC


Youth and Young Adult

Are you wondering how a counsellor might help you?Are you telling yourself that counselling is not for you?Have you had a difficult counselling experience in the past?

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Couples and families

I employ techniques drawn from Family Systems Therapy and Structural Family Therapy in order to create safe spaces for connection and support.

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People are disturbed not by things, but by the view they take of them.
— Epictetus