S, Mother of Client (with quote from youth)

Marc Keith goes to bat for our kid with respect, careful listening, patience and great sense of humour. He has the knack of never appearing to rush or push, and a supersonic radar for what’s going on inside.  Our kid quickly felt known, heard, and understood.   He's very practical and deceptively simple - quietly making difficult things approachable and strategic steps possible.  He really knows how to partner teens – and their families – to shift situations and provide surprisingly simple, clear tools.

“He helps me by listening.  He listens to everything.  It’s good to know someone will listen and understand what you are saying… It’s good to have someone to tell things to…he is very important!”

He has our kids’ back.   I recommend him highly. 

B, Mother

Over the past year our teenage son has been seeing Marc Keith for counselling. While our son has struggled finding a connection with counsellors in the past, Marc has connected very well with him. Marc has built a strong, trusting relationship with him enabling open communication. Having Marc to talk to about his anxiety and other issues and being coached on the tools and strategies to deal with them has been a blessing for our son.

c, young mother

Marc has supported me through crises and helped me work through challenging life changes. He is an incredible, non-judgmental listener. Marc asks powerful questions that make me think deeply about what I'm going through and allows me to reframe situations in very helpful ways. Sometimes when I start talking to him I feel overwhelmed and confused, and yet I always leave feeling hopeful and calm. 

After being asked to write a testimonial for Marc, I read through some counselling testimonials to get an idea of what I should be saying. Many said that their counsellors "solved" their problems. I would not say that Marc has solved any of my problems, but I would say that he has empowered me to find my own solutions. He reflects my light back to me so that I can be a better version of myself.