Why Counselling?

Adolescence and young adulthood can be exciting times, full of fun, connection and a feeling of being unbelievably alive!  Sometimes we feel invincible – like anything is possible – sometimes, not so much…. 

It is possible to feel confused and overwhelmed – caught between “how things were” and “how things are”.  We get so many different messages about who we should be, how we should act and what we should do. 

Really, we see the world through our own eyes and only we know how that experience feels even though others are telling us differently.

Sometimes it is helpful to have someone help you sort through all those messages and pressures.  A counsellor can help you make sense of what is happening in your life.  It might be changes at work, school or at home.  It might be conflict with your parents, peers or friends.  Perhaps you are trying to reduce your use of alcohol or another drug.  It may be that you are hoping to change how you cope with feelings of anxiety or depression.

Book an appointment with me to see what having a counsellor working for you is like.  If you have had counselling before and think that it isn’t for you, remember, not all counsellors are the same.  In your life, there are likely people that you connect with on a different level than others.  Counselling relationships are like that too. I hope you are open to giving it a try.